ASN.1 Products

The main products of ASN Lab are ASN.1 tools. We provide a complete set of tools covering from editor, syntax checker, compiler to message analyzer. These products are shipped as plugins of Eclipse and highly integerated with the Eclipse platform.

The Benefits

  • Platform and language independent
  • Tools support C, C++, Java implementations
  • Proven technology, widely used
  • Permits rapid development of error free implementations through tools
  • Can provide extremely compact but extensible representations when necessary

ASN.1 Development Tools

The ASN.1 Development Tools(ASNDT) is a total set of Eclipse plugins which allow editing, syntax checking of ASN.1 files. Contribution to the asnCompiler extension point can automatically generate C/C++, Java or any other programming language codes from ASN.1 files.

ASN.1 C Compiler

The ASN.1 C Compiler takes ASN.1 specifications as input, and automatically translates ASN.1 specifications into C structures that can be easily integrated into your applications.

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ASN.1 C++ Compiler

The ASN.1 C++ Compiler is a plus version of ASN.1 C Compiler, utilizing object-oriented programming techniques.

ASN.1 Java Compiler

The ASN.1 Java Compiler Tools consist of a compiler and a set of feature-rich runtime jar files. The compiler maps ASN.1 types into Java classes. The runtime files facilitate encode, decode and various other operations on application messages.

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