ASN.1 Concepts

ASN.1 project

An ASN.1 project contains source code and related files for building an ASN.1 specification. It has an associated ASN.1 builder that can incrementally compile ASN.1 source files as they are changed.

An ASN.1 project also maintains a model of its contents. This model includes information about the references and declarations of ASN.1 elements. This information is constantly updated as the user changes the ASN.1 source code. The updating of the internal ASN.1 project model is independent of the ASN.1 builder; in particular, when performing code modifications, if auto-build is turned off, the model will still reflect the present project contents.

ASN.1 editor

The ASN.1 editor provides specialized features for editing ASN.1 code.

Associated with the editor is a ASN.1-specific Outline view, which shows the structure of the active ASN.1 compilation unit. It is updated as the user edits the compilation unit.

The editor includes the following features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Double Click
  • Bracket matching
  • Hyperlink
  • Text Folding
  • Text Decoration
  • Text/Annotation Hover
  • Code formatting

The most common way to invoke the ASN.1 editor is to open a ASN.1 file from the Navigator or Package explorer using pop-up menus or by clicking the file (single or double-click depending on the user preferences).

ASN.1 compiler

The ASN.1 compiler builds ASN.1 source to specific programing language; The ASN.1 compiler can build ASN.1 source incrementally as individual ASN.1 files are saved.

Build path

The build path is the path which is used to find ASN.1 module that are referenced by your source code. During compilation, this path is used to search for ASN.1 module in your project. The build path is specified for each project.