1. Start adding a type by typing the following at the end of the MyHTTP.asn file (but before the END of the module) in the ASN.1 editor:
    TimeStamp ::= GeneralizeTime
    As soon as you type the above code in the editor area, the new type appears at the bottom of the Outline view.

    New type in outline view

    In addition, error annotations (red boxes) appear in the overview ruler positioned on the right hand side of the editor. These error annotations indicate that the compilation unit is currently not correct. If you hover over the second red box, a tool tip appears: GeneralizeTime cannot be resolved to a type, which is correct since we miss-spell the GeneralizedTime to GeneralizeTime.

    Error annotations in overview ruler

  2. Click the Save button. The compilation unit is compiled automatically and errors appear in the Package Explorer view, in the Problems view and on the vertical ruler (left hand side of the editor). In the Package Explorer view, the errors are propagated up to the project of the compilation unit containing the error.

    Error propagation in package explorer

  3. Correct the new type by typing replacing TimeStamp ::= GeneralizeTime with:

    TimeStamp ::= GeneralizedTime

  4. Save the file. Notice that the error indicators disappear since the problem has been fixed.

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