In this section, you will review the different indicators for identifying problems in your code.

Build problems are displayed in the Problems view and annotated in the vertical ruler of your source code.

  1. Open MyHTTP.asn in the editor from the Package Explorer view.
  2. Add a syntax error by deleting the closing curly bracket at the end of the type declaration of GetRequest in the source code.

    Editor with missing closing curly bracket

  3. Click the Save button. The project is rebuilt and the problem is indicated in several ways:
    • In the Problems view, the problems are listed,
    • In the Outline view, problem ticks appear on the affected ASN.1 elements and their parent elements,
    • In the editor's vertical ruler, a problem marker is displayed near the affected line,
    • Squiggly lines appear under the word which might have caused the error, and
    • The editor tab is annotated with a problem marker.

    Problem marker in Outline view, editor and Problem view

  4. You can hover over the problem marker in the vertical ruler to view a description of the problem.

    Problem marker hover

  5. Click the Close ("X") button on the editor's tab to close the editor.
  6. In the Problems view, select a problem in the list. Open its context menu and select Go To. The file is opened in the editor at the location of the problem.

    Problems view

  7. Correct the problem in the editor by adding the semicolon. Click the Save button. The project is rebuilt and the problem indicators disappear.

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